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Applying for tax-exempt status? You've come to the right place. Below are a few IRS tools to get your organization moving in the right direction.

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Applying for Section 501(c)(3) Status - Reviewed August 30, 2016
Ensure your organization is eligible for tax exemption before applying. This course discusses eligibility, the benefits of exemption, how to apply and what you should know while waiting for a determination letter.
Alternate PDF Version
Form 1023 (Interactive) and Prerequisite Questions PDF - Reviewed: September 27, 2016
If your organization qualifies for tax exemption, you can use the Interactive version of Form 1023 to apply. It includes prerequisite questions to ensure you have all the necessary documentation. Other useful tools include auto-calculating fields, supplemental pages for additional information, help buttons and links to relevant information. It can be printed and submitted just like the standard Form 1023. An accessible version of Form 1023 is also available. Your organization may also be eligible to file Form 1023-EZ instead.
Text Version of Prerequisite Questions


Additional Information for New Organizations

Action Information
Life Cycle of an Exempt Organization - link
The Life Cycle tool provides information on points of intersection between organizations and the IRS. Materials include explanatory information and links to forms an organization may need to file during the five stages of its charitable life.