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Have an extra twenty minutes? That's about all the time you'll need to complete one of our Web-based mini courses. Select a title below to watch the streaming presentation.

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The Wonderful World of Foundation Classification - Reviewed September 09, 2015
All 501(c)(3) organizations have a specific foundation classification. This course discusses the basics of the two most common types.
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Disaster Relief - Part I - Reviewed August 20, 2015
Learn how charitable organizations may provide relief in disaster situations and the special tax rules that apply.
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Disaster Relief - Part II - Reviewed April 20, 2015
Learn about the special rules for employer-sponsored disaster relief organizations, the deductibility of contributions to disaster relief organizations and the tax treatment of relief recipients.
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Additional Resources for Exempt Organizations

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Car Donations - Webinar
This presentation discusses the rules for reporting, record keeping and calculating  deduction for car donations.

State Tuition Organizations - Webinar
State Tuition Organizations are a relatively new development in tuition aid for students. This presentation discusses the tax implications for the states that create them and the parents who use them.