About Us

The IRS office of Exempt Organizations is pleased to present “Stay Exempt”—a series of dynamic and comprehensive tax courses designed to assist tax-exempt organizations with the application process. StayExempt is also here to ensure organizations understand what they should do to maintain exempt status and what actions may put their exemption in jeopardy.

Exempt Organizations (EO) is part of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) operating division of the IRS. EO strives to support the IRS mission of ensuring that all customers understand and meet their tax responsibilities. It does this by offering specialized assistance to the full range of organizations exempt from Federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code. EO's programs and services help these organizations understand and comply with tax laws and regulations governing their tax-exempt status.

For information about exempt organization tax compliance issues, visit the IRS.gov Charities page. Account-specific questions can be answered by calling TE/GE’s Customer Account Services 877-829-5500 (toll free). For EO contact information, visit the About IRS Exempt Organizations page.